MID is the second staff division of the South African Defence Force and is responsible for all military intelligence inside and outside the Republic of South Africa, on national as well as departmental level.

The escalation of the military threat against our country resulted in MID expanding considerably, especially since 1975, and also specializing with a view to being able to provide the decision - makers in the SADF with accurate intelligence for tactical and strategic planning purposes.


The aim of MID is to determine the nature, scope and time-scale of the military threat against the RSA.

The most important functions of the Division include:


MID consists of a number of sub-divisions and independent directorates. The main components of the Division are Military Intelligence and Counter-intelligence, yet with out the elements which provide among other services technological support, staff services and training, MID would not be able to function.

The division is managed on a centralized basis yet it also has number of decentralized offices.

MID's personnel is supplemented by Citizen Force members some of whom are skilled experts and specialists.

Each of the arms of services also has its own intelligence sections and the management of intelligence in the SA Defence Force as a whole is coordinated by the Intelligence Staff Council.

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