Photos of Angolan military hardware and bases

The South African Air Force Intelligence tasked me to take some colourful photos in Angola of military importance. They even supplied me with the camera, anyway after what they gave me I decided to take my own along.

My thanks to Cmdt S of SAAF Intelligence for recomending me for a MMM (Military Merit Medal, called the Chief of the SADF medal those days), after the completion of this task. However some senior officer at Army HQ, who might have never left the safety of his office decided otherwise! Instead I was mentioned in the SADF dispatches for this task and a job well done.

Here are some of those photos:

FAPA (Angolan Air Force) MI 25 in front of her bunker ready to be deployed in Huambo.

Huambo Airport Defence Radars

Missiles in Luanda, 3 of them in their lauching pods ready to be fired against a "racist South Africa invasion force". This site was north of the Luanda's harbour very close to the spot where South Africa Special Forces launched in during Ops Kerslig. Was this missile site Angola's response to Ops Kerslig?

Huambo's military side of the airport. All MI 25's except for the one in the top photo are unserviceable. Only one, or possibly two MI 8s are flyable.

In this section all 4 photos by M Ferreira.

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