Myself and a MI colleague, my mother! Occasion 'Portuguese night at Liberty's Life Building' pub" Liberty Life was and still is the HQ of South Africa's Military Intelligence.

My self and a MI colleague, my sister! "It was great to have you on board sister"! It must be Tuesday! We were encouraged to wear our uniforms at HQ every Tuesday. Good for military discipline, so said the Boss!

My self and a fellow member of the South African Defence Force, my wife!

My sister a SAMID member got promoted from Corporal to Lieutenant. She decided to make my elder daughter an honorary corporal.

The highlight of MIs social calendar, the yearly POTJIEKOS competition at Fontana among all directorates. My directorates' photo. Commodore H Jooste is our OC. kdoor Jooste with a white cap holds on to the directorate's placard.

Cmdt (Lt Col) Guerreiro (ex Rhodesian Army officer), the best signals intelligence officer I ever worked for! Receives from our OC Brig F Pienaar a present. Brig Pienaar one of the longest serving members of MI, was later promoted to Maj General.

The Boss Lt Genl (Witkop) Badenhorst, addresses us. Cmdt Geldenhuys (from my directorate) is all hears. Sorry can not remember who the chick is J

Cmdt P (Portuguese) later my Colonel, with two MI naval officers.

Col S Kruger (in the middle), one of the best officers I ever served under. In the left Braam Pretorius an rotation member with us for many years, on the right an Sgt who had just returned from 3 years abroad in South America as a military attachê assistant.

Deputy CSI the late Maj Genl "Joep" Joubert.

"It was an honour to serve under him"


MI's Chaplain officer: "My apologies for not remembering your name Sir".

My sub section. The navy officer is Lt (SAN) Henry W. He was the unofficial military attaché at an African country where I was deployed often. By the time this photo was taken he was back in the "states". We were good friends!

My self and two colleagues, my mother, a senior MI official, and a very dear friend aunt Lucy. Lucy's intelligence career spanning three different countries would fill in several books!

My self receiving a shield from my Brig. What did I do to deserve this Brig?J The Chaplain and Col Sarel Kruger look (clap) on. The photo of FW de Klerk hanging in the pub spoils the photo!

Maj Genl FW Loots SSA, SM ex head of MI, later head of the Special Forces.

The Beechcraft in UNITA's Angola. In the photo are the pilot and co pilot.

Course for MI officials at the Military Intelligence College. OC of the college is sitting in the middle of photo Col J L Croukamp, sitting in the right RSM WOI J D Celliers."

The best directorate at MI, my unit! Photo taken in the car park of Liberty Life. Commodore Jooste sitting in the middle was our OC.

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