Messages to Congratulate Military Intelligence on its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. (1.7.1987)

Message from the State President

It is fortunate coincidence that, as we celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday of the South African Defence Force, we should also be celebrating the first quarter century of one of its most important organizations.

An efficient intelligence service is essential to the security of a nation. This is particularly true of the Republic of South Africa, whose security at the present time is being threatened as never before by a host of hostile forces. It is supremely important, therefore, that Military Intelligence Division continues to show the same dedication, thoroughness and efficiency in the performance of its vital task as it has done during the twenty - five years since its establishment. I have the fullest confidence, however, that Military Intelligence Division will prove equal to the challenge.

Best wishes and good luck for the next twenty-five years.

President P.W. Botha

Message from the Minister of Defence

It is a truism that an efficient intelligence service is prerequisite for an efficient Defence Force. It is also true that the military intelligence machine plays an important role in the protection of the country, its people and their interest.

It was only twenty - five years ago that military intelligence at last assumed its rightful place in the defence establishment. However, in the relatively short period of its existence Military Intelligence Division has developed into a most efficient and professional organization. May Military Intelligence Division continue to provide the Defence Force with the foreknowledge of the enemy, so vital to its success.

Congratulations on your twenty-fifth birthday and best wishes for the future.

General M.A. Malan, MP

Message from the Chief of the South African Defence Force

It is my pleasure on behalf of the South African Defence Force to congratulate Military Intelligence Division on its twenty-fifth anniversary.

When I look back upon Military Intelligence Division's contribution to the effectiveness and preparedness of the South African Defence Force during the past twenty- five years, it is with pride and appreciation that my profound thanks go out to all for the results you have achieved.

I trust that this brochure, which depicts the history of this period, will be a source of lasting inspiration to those who are embarking upon the next quarter century, and will inspire them to the realization of still greater ambitions.

General J. J. Geldenhuys SSA, SD, SM

Message from the Chief of Staff Intelligence

This year Military Intelligence Division passed the twenty-fifth milestone. It would be unthinkable for such an event to occur with out a few of the high lights on the completed journey being concisely recorded.

Military Intelligence Division wishes by means of this commemorative publication to give recognition to those who, since its establishment a quarter of century ago, have contributed towards making it the organization that it is today.

I trust that every member of Military Intelligence Division will draw inspiration from the events of the past and will achieve still greater excellence in the future.

V ADM A. P. Putter SSAS

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