Navy Signaller (1982-1985) This material apparently contains some inconsistencies about technicalities about Strike Craft especially. The author allowed me to interview him and to publish his material providing that I changed his name, which I have done, but has shown no interest in making the corrections that I have asked him to make. As far as he was concerned, he told me - in interview - about the experiences that I asked about, and he feels that he has left all that behind him as he has got on with other aspects of his life. He was at one time working on a novel of his Navy experiences - long since abandoned - and extracts from this as well as extracts from assorted letters and discussions that I have had with him over the years and these have been included. Its not polished enough for me to include it on my `Bad Guys' site, but it might still be interesting for people to read.


7 SAI, SP Guards & Conscienscious Objector (Aug 86 - July 88) This material comes from an interview with a friend of someone I shared accommodation with, who called himself `Frog', though his real name was Neville. I don't know his surname, or much about him. There are some apparent inconsistencies in this text, but I will leave readers to draw their own conclusions.


1 SAI - 61 MECH - Operation Dolfyn - Camps (1982-83, 84 & 88) I'm aware that this piece is somewhat scrappy, but the contributor is not presently available to assist with a more detailed edit, and I have no indication as to when he will be. I am publishing it anyway, in the `rushes' section, for those interested enough to extract what information they can from it. I had a better known soldier who was involved in earlier stages of Op Dolfyn review that section, and I add his comments in red.

Doctor's Border Duty 1984) I awaiting verification - see introcuction as @ January 2003.



Published: 1 July 2000.

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