Various T-shirts were created, some official, some unofficial, some for fund raising for the Southern Cross support charity - and plenty of other reasons. Most of these are Internet finds!

Pappie = Daddy. Young child wearing elements of his father's uniform, saying `Daddy was there' and pointing to Oshakati, HQ for Sector 10.

"Where the hell is Opuwa?' - well its actually well to the West of Oshakati, and the HQ for the Sector - which one escapes me at the moment.

32 Battalion T-Shirt: `Angolan Head-hunters' - Rundu

The South Africans are coming!

The South Africans have been. (Not want8ing to detract from this, but Inhad seen a Rhodesian version of this back in 1980. But then there were a large number of South Africans fighting as `Rhodesians in the Rhodesian war - controversial, I know!)

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