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Here is an article written by a journalist about hisReturn to Namibia ten years after her had been "involved" in the liberation struggle.

It has been since, as part of research for this and other projects that I have come across a fair amount of information about the region and the people, and so I enclose a list of references on the subject here:

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I have written permission from the authors or copyright holders to include the following passages in the published version of `Grensvegter?'

"SWAPO, founded in 1960, began its bush war in northern Namibia in 1966. The war has steadily increased in scale, with SWAPO fighters annually infiltrating Namibia from their Angolan bases during the rainy season for a spring offensive. SWAPO units benefit from the vast area that the South Africans need to watch and they rely on the support of the Ovambo tribespeople whose territory straddles the border between Namibia and Angola. SWAPO's campaign has tied up large numbers of South African and Namibian troops on the northern border, and border towns like Ruacana, Oshakati and Ondangwa ared virtually armed camps. In the operational area the 'boys on the border' (South African troops) travel in air force planes and helicopters flying at tree-top level to avoid ground-to-air fire and in armed convoys on the roads. At night searchlights on the armoured vehicles sweep the road for potential ambushes."

(Leach, 1986, p. 208)

Extract from a South African Daily Newspaper:

Oshakati, a dull fortified village lying about 60 km south of the Angolan border, provides a grimly accurate reflection of [the South African army's] position.

High fences circle the entire town where rows of dreary prefabricated houses line dusty streets. Bomb shelters are a bizarre, yet realistic, feature of every garden.

Anti-aircraft guns on towering stands point menacingly into the African sky and at the nearby Ondangua air base jet fighters and radar provide additional protection. It is a 'white' village with gates manned by military policemen an a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

At its only hotel, members of the police Counter-Insurgency unit Koevoet ... exchange stories of 'kills' while quaffing generous quantities of Windhoek beer ...

Beyond Oshakati's tenuous security South African soldiers are treated with cold civility. Outside the fences the town's other face is pimpled with the dilapidated tin shanties of the slums built by hundreds of rural people trying to escape the war.

Hygiene is basic, while sanitation is almost non-existent. Teenage members of Koevoet slouch around the market places where bloody portions of cattle are offered on pieces of rusty corrugated iron.

From `Star' (Johannesburg) 19.8.83, quoted in Cawthra (1986), p. 196.

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