Is Cinderella really so famous that everyone knows of it, or are those that
have referred to it in the past from the Boksburg area?

When we were in Apex, the siek paraade had to go up to Cinderella if there
were any cases warranting a proper doctor.

I went up once, and met several DB guys, Jehovah's Witnesses. They had a
week or two of their three years' DB as Conscientious Objectors. They were
all huge, having spent every available minute working out. They told me that
after about 18 months, they were all bigger than their 'captors' who then
decided that as the were unworthy of the SADF they could not use the gym, so
they had to resort to doing dips, press ups and whatever, using each other
as ballast to provide extra weight.

They may not have been GVs, but blimey did they have strong beliefs!


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