Jakes Louw's SADF photos from the John Dovey Photo Collection

This guy ran away from our road-block, and when he was cornered in a chase, torched his own car and vanished between the houses. We suspected he destroyed some evidence as well.

Affirmative poster-painting?

Stop Le Granges Law poster

Scenes of rolling Toyi-Toyi rallies, with looting and civil disobedience, on and around June 16

Mello Yello bus and the Water Cannon

This guy was a black dry-cleaner, killed by teenagers because he wanted money for services rendered.

Bread truck, robbed and burnt by pre-teen kids. This was a weekly happening, along with attacks on SA Brewery trucks!

These guys were actually working for an overseas network. We had orders not to do anything stupid while they were around. Pretty obvious really.

"Hau, our textbooks are no good ... ". Students protest use of Afrikaans in school.

Funny how fast they run with a 40mm tear-gas round up their arses.

Me looking excitedly at the inside of my eyelids after an all-night vehicle patrol

Me looking excited again. Yes, my eyes are again firmly SHUT, but I think this was just a blink :-)

Cpl Ford (later Sgt Ford) on extreme left with his excited, motivated, paraat section ... NOT ... Funny white paper under Ford's left leg is the TOPO map we used.

Me and my turbo-charged SAMIL 20. The fat dude on the top was my Section 2 I/C, and actually quite good at his job for a "kameel byt".

Left: RSM "Granny" Fennel; Right: Sar-Major Wally Probart, Later RSM; First City Regiment, Grahamstown. Looking very excited about Township duty ...

"Hello Telkom, there's something wrong with our pay-phone ... "

Dolly Parton se Moer!

FC XI against All-Comers XI at Orlando Stadium. Me playing goaly!

More excited FC gentlemen.

Late Afternoon road-block, somewhere near Diepkloof. Notice Natal Mounted Rifles on Noddy Car! I'm roadblock 1IC, on left with A53 and FN.

First City in full deployment, Soweto '86, based at Doornkop.

Typical "Tyre road block", passive resistance.

And they say officers are dignified ... not in the mess!

Published: 27th April 2006.

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