Kim Rolstone's Photos


Shell petrol station across the street from Town hall in Potch. The army came and set up something with armed soldiers, trucks etc. 1985.

Some kind of `sneeze machine', Johannesburg the day I left South Africa; 1 March 1986.

Andrew Rolstone TSC. (Technical Services Corps.) My bed in `roof' bungalow. Jan/Feb 1980.

Corporal Andrew Rolstone TSC. Second half of 1981.

Andrew Rolstone 1980.

The field where we visited 18/2/1978. 1 Maintenance Unit, Kimberley

Alan Rolstone.

Tents in which they lived 18/2/1978. Kimberley, 1 Maintenance Unit, January intake 1978. Alan Rolstone.

25/3/78 Beret and `skiet Piet' (Shooting Peter) badge and regimental colours of 11 Commando. Alan Rolstone.

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