Angus and Donald's 1988 Border War Photographs

Angus served with 2SAI operating out of Ruacana 87-88

AP01 - 2SAI Assault Pioneers on completion of our course at Walvis Bay 1987

AP02 - Deserted dwelling just inside Angola 1988

AP03 - Rifle grenade hole in the wall

AP04 - On our return from Romeo Mike we were posted to the SWAWEK dam north of Ruacana - Calueque on the Angolan border. This bridge was later bombed by Cuban Mig 23s killing 12 South African troops. Our days there were so uneventful we took to fishing to relieve the boredom. We sold what we caught to the locals.

AP05 - Deserted dwelling just inside Angola 1988

AP06 - Calueque again

AP08 - Everyone had a job to do when you spent time in the base between operations. Most daytime activity involved base maintenance. I managed to land the very cushy job, alongside my mate Donald, looking after the civilian swimming pool in the base. This was a great job which mainly consisted of giving the pool a once over in the morning and then tanning for the rest of the day.

AP09 - Ruacana falls - absolutely beautiful place to visit, made you feel as though you were on holiday and not in a combat zone

AP10 - Calueque dam

AP12 - Part of the unit at Umbalantu, south of Ruacana 1988

AP13 - Part of our role was the sweeping of all dirt roads to clear mines

AP14 - The Alouette gunship at Ruacana

AP15 - The Assault Pioneer lodgings in Ruacana - 1988

AP16 - The horse unit at Ruacana - note each horse had it's own "registration number" in white.

AP17 - The civvy pool - Ruacana. Non permanent force members were strictly forbidden for swimming there. The civvy bar and recreational facility is in the background.

AP18 - An undisclosed location several days ride into Angola. Several members from my section were seconded to counter insurgency operations with 101 BN on Romeo Mike (Reaksie Mag) 1988. This photo was taken days after we had run out of drinking water and had to revert to drinking from the shonas. 1988

AP19 - The air strip at Ruacana. Part of our role was to "spook" or sweep the runway to look for improvised explosive devices. The runway was spooked first thing in the morning and always presented a marvelous opportunity to chill out at the end of the runway for an hour and catch some early morning rays.

AP20 - On Romeo Mike - note the Buffel engine cover that was removed to make a handy braai grille. The major success for my group was the lifting of mines on that tour. The CO of the Romeo Mike (SWATF captain, cant remember his name) was very happy with the 2sai team for the location and lifting of the mines. 1988

AP21 - The view into Angola from Calueque.

AP22 - The Cunene river downstream from Calueque.

AP23 - Searching for the bodies of three SADF members (one lieutenant, a corporal and a rifleman) who decided to take a swim at Calueque and ride the seemingly small rapid through the dam. Everyone was unaware of the powerful vortex that was created just below the surface - once you went under you never surfaced. The Lieutenant gallantly tried to rescue the two and entered the water on an inflated inner tube but was sucked down. The bodies were eventually washed down stream into the reeds.

AP98 - Awaiting caption.

AP99 - Awaiting caption.

Published: 24th October 2006.

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