Lt. Keith Low

B Squadron, 2nd Light Horse (Armoured Car) Regiment 1976

Etale Ovamboland

Alistair Low writes: I am trying to find out information where my dad, Keith Low, was and did in the army. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1993.

He was with the 2nd Light Horse (Armoured Car) Regiment and I have a photo of him with his troop in front of an Eland.

He started his service in '67. I have another photo from 1974 which is headed AMD C SQN 2 IC's. By memory, he was a troop leader in 1976, when some incident occurred. They came under some heavy fire and a beer mug was given to him as a thank you for getting them back safely. I have the beer mug presented to him with the inscription "B Squadron, Etale Ovamboland, 1976"I don't know how accurate that is as `the mug' is from the whole of B Squadron, but I do know that there was an incident as described.

I've posted up the photos that Alistair has sent, with high-resolution photos of the faces of the people in the smaller group.

If anyone knows about the incident, or can identify any of the people in the photos, Alistair would be delighted to hear from you.

Published: 4th March 2006.

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