Kevin O'Grady's Photos from Eenhana Base: 1988

Here are a few photographs taken in early 1988 in Eenhana. They were taken with one of those tiny disposable cameras, which I smuggled in thinking I'd be in deep doo-doo if I was caught.

The first picture (pay office from aapkas) is taken from the look-out tower and shows the pay office (the yellow corrugated iron building) and the pay-tiffies' (that's me!) tent in the centre of the picture, up against the wall of the camp, with the generator and the radio tower in the foreground. In the bottom left corner is the admin office.

The second shows the aapkas and the radio tower at sunset.

The third and fourth pics show crude devices that were apparently designed for housing captured opposition forces. Imagine being stuck in that hole in the hot Eenhana sun. They were not to my knowledge used for these purposes during my time at Eenhana, but I found their existence rather fascinating and frightening.

Published: 25 January 2005.

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