Following the limited success of the printed versions of the first two Sentinel Projects dealing with the recent history of the South African Defence Force, I have decided to make the material that I have been gathering for subsequent books available on the Internet, via the Sentinel Projects Home Page.

I expect that most people would prefer to have a paper book, which is often easier to read than computer files. There are considerable delays in producing paper books, and as Sentinel Projects is not a money making venture, I feel that it is worthwhile to make such material as I have available to interested parties as soon as possible, in the hope that this will generate discussion, and hopefully encourage other people to document their SADF experiences.

With the ease with which Hypertext Mark up language files can be corrected, modified, and updated, I would encourage people not to make print outs of this material at this stage, as I will be adapting and updating material over the next couple of months.

It is my intention to publish `1 Mil' in this format once I have posted all of the material I have available for `Bad Guys'.

Published: 1 July 2000.

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