ZAIRE 1989-1991


Our three storey house in Kinshasa. It was used as an embassy before.

The ground floor was ours. Ildfonso used the two top floors for himself and family.

Ollie at "home" in Kinshasa.

My "cousin" Ildfonso and his wife Alda, cooling down in hot Kinshasa. The pool was a big plus for our comfort.

Sunday afternoon in Kinshasa, having a Beer, or is it mineral water? at a local hotel.

L to R - WOI S. H. our last cryptographer in Zaire, myself, Manny C. Portuguese MI ex Rhodesian Army, and my very good friend (Irmão) Sgt Ollie 32 Bn.

At our military attache's house.

In photo: Ollie, S. H., two Special Forces members, Manny C. and Capt SAN (colonel) P.

At our military attache's house.

In photo: Special Forces members, Capt (colonel) P., myself and 7 Med medical doctor.

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