PWA02: 5 Feb 1915

PWA03: Preceeds 18th March 1915

PWA04: [No caption in original typescript.]

PWA05: Back row: L to R Harry Bird, ?Schonken Front Row: L- R. Albertson, Wade

PWA06: [No caption in original typescript.]

PWA07: Follows 31st March 1915

PWA08: Your youngest son with two comrades. They came from the Malay Peninsula to join this Regiment. (After 8th


PWA09: Lance-sergeant Dick Darrel and Lance-corporal Wade. Darrel is a New Zealander who was in Siam when war was declared. We are pals now that Bird has gone. (After 8th July)

PWA10: Dated 15/9/15.

PWA11: Miss Sande's Soldiers Home, Curragh, 1915.

PWA12: Eden Quay, Dublin, August 17th, 1915.

PWA13: [No caption in original typescript.]

PWA14: January 4th, 1916.

PWA15: 17th January 1916. On a clear day we can just identify this tower from where we are now. It is the so-called `Tower Bridge' near Loos.

PWA16: [No caption in original typescript.]

PWA17: Lieut `Dinky' Sutton, Adjunct, 1/7th London Regt. & Captain `Jimmie' Hartley, `B' Company, 1/7 London Regt. 3/6/16 Bruary. N. France. May 1916.

PWA18: Like Caesar, we go into Winter quarters. The stables we built for our horses near Relinghelst.

PWA19: Preparatory


PWA20: 7th London Transport Football Team. St. Omer 1917. Farr + Cpl. Wood (Written under left bottom corner)

PWA21: Battn QMS Cruttenden

PWA22: Somewhere in France or Belgium.

PWA23: Somewhere in France or Belgium.

PWA24: Brian, Doris Godson & friend.

PWA25: Sir Percy McKennan + Jean. On the `Imperator'; crossing the Nijork (?sp) Dec 1919.

PWA26: 1/7th London Regt. `B' Coy. Sergeants, April 1916.

PWA27: Guess who? Bruay, 8th July, 1916.

PWA28: Photo taken at Bruay, N. France. - 1916.

PWA29: Yours truly in Bedford (Around 15/6/1916)

PWA30: Billets en route from Belgium to the Somme - 1916.

PWA31: Billets en route from Belgium to the Somme - 1916

PWA32: Billets en route from Belgium to the Somme - 1916

PWA33: Billets en route from Belgium to the Somme - 1916

PWA34: Jimmie Chatterton. Albert Church steeple in background.

PWA35: Another farmhouse billet.

[Picture missing] The Somme battlefield.

PWA36: A blasted wood near Albert.

PWA37: A French farmhouse where we billeted for a night.

PWA38: Somme countryside just behind firing line.

PWA39: Lieut. "Jimmie" Chatterton, M.C.

PWA40: Padre Bleasdale in his war paint.

PWA41: Preparing for the fray.

PWA42: Lieut/Quartermaster on leave, Waddington, Lincs. Aug. 1917.

PWA43: Old Rochie in Summer garb on leave in Blighty - 1917.

PWA44: Doris Godson.

PWA45: Picnick, Kentish Woods.

PWA46: High Quarry, Crockham Hill, 1918. Jean MacKinnon and friend.

PWA47: The goat stable, Architect, Quantity surveyor and builder.

PWA48: `Nada the Lily' (Ryder Haggard) and `Intombi' (the black sweetheard)

PWA49: The herd and their mistress.

PWA50: Milking time.

PWA51: Jean MacKinnon.

PWA52: On board, H.M.S. `Galway Castle'

PWA53: Amanzimtoti.

PWA54: Amanzimtoti.

PWA55: Amanzimtoti.

PWA56: Amanzimtoti.

PWA57: Breakfasts in the Loggia. "High Quarry".

PWA58: Breakfasts in the Loggia. "High Quarry".

PWA59: Breakfasts in the Loggia. "High Quarry".

PWA60: Crockham Hill, Kent.

PWA61: Picnic in the Kentish Woods.

PWA62: Shopping, Dar es Salaam.

PWA63: [No caption in original typescript.]

PWA64: December 1919.

PWA65: Dec 1915.

PWA001: Placed just before 11th February, 1916 - This chimney belongs to a cola mine, the pit-head of which is just to the right. When I saw it last, the stack had a shell hole through it about half way down. We start for the trenches again tonight and expect to stay there for eight days after which we are to go `Divisional Rest' for a month. [I, Barry, misplaced this in the initial scan through of these pictures.]

Published: 1 October 2007.

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