The above photograph of General Duke (on the left) and Adelino by the grave of Robbie Ribeiro, taken on Wednesday, 27 June 2007 at the Military Cemetery of Thabo Tswane.

Brig Genl Charles M Duke Junior, was the fifth man to walk on the moon, landed there on 20 April 1972 with the Apollo 16 mission. Only 12 people have walked on the moon, all American. Three are dead, leaving only nine members of the most exclusive club in the universe.

Charles and his wife Dorothy hunted in Moçambique with my good friend Adelino Serras Pires in July of 1973, just 15 months after the Apollo16 mission. Sgt "Carnaval" Ribeiro (Robbie Ribeiro) former 1 Recce Operator and member of 32 Battalion was with the party throughout the safari and the General was highly impressed with him.

The Dukes spent a week in Pretoria visiting Adelino and his wife Fiona Capstick (former SADF officer).

The General was deeply moved when taken with his wife out to the cemetery to see where his friend Robbie is buried.

The Dukes feature in `THE WINDS OF HAVOC', and there is a photograph of the Dukes with Adelino and Robbie.

- Manuel Ferreira (04/07/2007)

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Published: 4th July 2007.