Geez.. That phrase brought back memories.. I can remember the long lines at
the "phone room" at 5 SAI where ALL the phones were permanently gippoed at
one stage.. Then when the MP's started getting into the act, there was that
gippo of using a piece of cardboard under the phone rest and banging out the
number ... LOT easier to whip out a piece of cardboard then to try to
explain the piece of cotton attached to a 5 cent piece stuck in the phone
... :-)

John Dovey - 9th May 2000

Things obviously have got easier with card phones. You needed 2 cards.
First insert the card with cash on it, remove it quickly and then quickly
insert the empty card. You could phone for hours and the card never got

ERICH KRHNERT - 9th May 2000

Funny you mention call boxes. I was suprised in SA
last year the public phones at the side of the road
had "munt" in big letters at the top.

And I thought apartheid was over?

Simon Lewis - 9th May 2000

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