Caprivi Strip ca. 1976

Probably hopelessly not to scale, and also the actual tent layout is probably wrong. The main features are correct, I think. The swimming pool was above ground, green slimed and not much used unless you came back from patrol even dirtier. Despite the mortar crew's best efforts we never got that sucker cleaned up.. The filtration system was shot, and we never ever saw any pool chemicals.

The hole being dug for the "hospital" was pretty deep, and in our minds way too big. I suspect they were planning on moving a bunch of stuff underground. Generally at stand to one Eland would block the entrance, one would be on the north wall, the other between the NE bunker and the first firing embrasure. The last would cover the South wall. We never went into the camp when were flew in during the '76 raid, rather we TB'd just off the chopper pad, so I can't tell what changes occurred over the year.

I did read the HOT LINK: internet article. I now could see the other side of the radio at Mpacha. We had everything mapped out, and all we knew was that someone out there would give us the target locator. It would have been great to meet the forward OP's and work with them. But that was the army.

Published: 1 July 2000.

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