The Essential Pose!


"Beaufighter" Either from 16 or 19 Sqdn if it's SAAF. (Dean, did our Beaufighters use torpedoes???) Barry is there any chance of seeing the serial number on the Beau more clearly on the original print. I would like to know what it is? Can't make it out on my screen and a magnifying glass doesn't work on a PC screen :-))) - Marcus - 7th May 2000

Marcus - the numbers on the back of the Beau are `RD205' SNAKE although the `D' could be an `O'. - Barry


"Hurricane" is in fact the Mk II C version. Started coming off the production line in 1941. Main difference with the Battle of Britain Hurricane Mk I was bigger RR Merlin XX engine and four 20 mm Hispano's in place of the 8 x 303 Brownings. We the (SAAF) that is used the aircraft extensively in North Africa and as a training aircraft back in SA. Mostly at Swartkops and the rest at St Albans, Port Elizabeth. - Marcus 7th May 2000

Unknown aircraft - please help ID it!

The first unknown pic is I think, a Lockheed Electra. - Steve Borland - 7th May 2000


"Unknown" is in fact a Locheed Electra 10 forerunner of the famous Hudson's, Loadstars and Venturas. Several SAAF squadrons were equipped with the last two types. It was with an Electra 10 that Emilia Earhart was flying when she
disappeared over the Pacific. Not sure here but I dot think we used the Electra's during the war. The one in the photo might have been a British (RAF) one. They were used mostly for communication and light transport duties. I have a nice piccie of the restored (externally that is) Ventura at the SAAF Museum at Swartkops. - Marcus - 7th May 2000

The aircraft in the background is a Consolidated B 24 J Liberator. If it is a SAAF Lib it could be from 31 or 34 Sqdn. These are the planes the SAAF used during the supply flights to Warsaw. (I doubt if these photo's were taken in Italy as there is no evidence of PSP? So the photo's must be a training unit presumably in the vacinity of Cairo??? (Dean you must know more) - Marcus - 7th May 2000


Shakleton - I think!

The one ID'ed as a Shakleton is actually a Wellington in anti-sub getup. Mk 3 or 4? You can see the radome under the nose, and can also see the characteristic geodic construction in the midship windows in several photos. - Steve Borland (7th May 2000)

No! please NO!!! not a Shakleton but a Vickers Warwick GR Mk 5 of 27 Squadron SAAF. Warwick was a direct descendent of the Wellington with bigger engines (four blade props) bigger airframe and new revised tail but same
geodetic (sp???) construction as the Wellington. Photo could have been taken at Benghazi during the later stages of the war or even just after, as 27 Sqdn only came home during November 1945 - Marcus - 7th May 2000

Group in front of Shakleton - Fowler on far right.

Camp life - presumably in Egypt

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