Ja I know, time moves fast when you are having fun,

I was looking at my own niece recently and here she is playing with her
friend from next door, a black girl, and totally unaware of the previous
history or bias. And I kind of felt depressed, because I realised that
those of us who grew up under the old system are actually at a disadvantage.
We have not been equipped with the social and communication skills to
bridge the racial/cultural gap. I personally felt rather like a relic from
a bygone era, and I am only 25!

Grant - 10th May 2000

A mate once said to me that he wished someone could deprogramme him not to
dislike blacks,swapo,anc etc.
my wife voted for the anc in the first election and i was huuuh!they are the
fucking enemy!
suppose it is a little like my grandad not being able to understand me going
to germany on holiday.
Stuart Robertson - 10th May 2000

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