Simon Hare's photos from Operation Askari

We would sometimes shoot a "bok" to supplement our rats and this guy was carrying the ribcage to wash in the river.

Buffel Camouflaged against Migs near Xangongo and having a brew.

Cahama Xangongo Rd Convoy moving further North

Cape Artillery One of the guns in the battery that was with us. They were busy boys.

A Kpl. Ettiene Ferreira A farm boy from the Western Cape. He could 'slag' a whole bees with a Dankie tannie mes. A great guy and good soldier.

Front Porch Simon Hare sitting on the front porch of an ex-FAPLA HQ Building.

Ops Askari Myself and the boys in Angola.

Puma Bringing ammo and rats late afternoon.

Quiteve Myself and Lourens in Quiteve

Xmas Day'83 Loot, me and Etienne Ferrera.

Published: 30 May 2002.

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