Simon Hare's Border Photographs

Ops Training Cpl. Hare with a limpet mine and other mine types for training.

AM Sweep Team A very familiar sight for Sappers.

Blowing a Mine Detonating a mine on a dirt road near Oshakati. Boom!

BokKop Besk Protection for am mine sweeping team.

Ondangwa-Ruacana Road . A Border shot of a 61 Mech Ratel.

Club Shaks Filling up new pool at 25 Field Eng Regt.

Crater Hole left in dirt road from a double cheese mine. A Ford 150 full of Owambos "trapped" it.

Down Time Tanning in Oshakati Hare, Sonnekus, Von Willig

Dup & Sapper with Koevoets

Eland 90& TM57 Land mine on Caloeque-Ruacana Rd. No injuries. It belonged to a Lt. Ferrera.

Float Bridge @ Xangongo built by Engineers

Ford F 150 'Trapped' a Tankmine. A bad day.

Grensvegters Korparals Sonnekus,? , Hare, Prinsloo

Eland 90 Interesting day, this one. Deep in Angola we had to pull out yet again due to politics. The Kapt in charge, (super Paraat pain in the ass) his armored car caught on fire with a full load of ammo. This delayed us a day and the Kmdt reamed him big time. I had to blow up all the unexploded ordance. It was a mess.

Dak @ Opuwa Koakaveld

Marius Venter& 23mm A fearless and crazy individual.

Koevoet Casspir Sonnekus& Hare

Min dae Braai Sonnekus Venter, De Wet,Van Deventer, Hare.

Myne Manne Arie Brennan, Daan Duplesis, Moritz le Roux (a talented driver) Simon Hare. We were getting rats from Ruacana when an army photographer took our picture.

Myn Skiet Blowing up captured mines and ammo.

10 Panzer On shooting range near Oshakati.

Ops Training Candidate officers receiving mine clearing training.

P E 4 Blowing up stuff with PE 4 In this case surplus Russian Mines.

Prinsloo on am Sweep Wake up Dopey!

Caloeque Dam In the rainy season we'd jump into the torrent of water with SAMIL inner tubes for a wild ride.

Owamboland from a Buffel, a familiar sight.

Storm Over Ongiva

Sunday Arvo Sports Letting rip with a MAG LMG.

Training campers in Bunker Clearing at the back of 25 Field Oshakati.

Training SWA Storm Pioneers at Opuwa.

Verlof Kaapstad

Water Punt Sappers would purify water for the army, you can imagine the perks of that.

Published: 30 May 2002.

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