Simon Hare's photos from Junior Leadership course at Kroonstad

Bailey Bridge A WWII Era Bridge. Very effective and can be built in an hour.

2E +5 MGB This is from Kroonstad and is the technical name for a Medium Girder Bridge. A modern Bailey Bridge made from aluminum and a British product. Expensive too!

Boats 1,2,3 Rigid and Inflatable River boats, a whole lot of fun.

Charley Coy One of the last Opvoks we had L-R Con Ramsey, Simon Hare, Johan Sonnekus, Jel Babsh, Squire, Sean Marthese, Devenish, William Yeo Jou Moer

Choppers1(2)3 Chopper training, Sean Marthese and Dave Hyslop.

Da Boys (1) Chris Griffith, Simon Hare, Con Ramsey.

JL's L-R Top Bronig Mashioda, Ian De Jong, Martin Clark (Sticks), Tim Seaman, Krige Shabort, Chris Griffith, Simon Hare, Steven Du Toit, Anton Truter, Christo Nel, Steven Groenewald.

Knealing: Harry Steenkamp, Dave Hyslop, Sean Marthese, Gavin Klienhans, Peter Lukey, Con Ramsey, Koos Greyling, Daan Duplooy, Bruce Adams.

Sitting: Guy Musson, Thiaard, Henning Vorster, Vd Berg, Paul Olivier, Von Villig.

Laying: Marius Venter, Victor, Cedric Schwerin.

Krige Schabort lost both legs in a Mig attack on Caloeque. Marius Venter lost some of his right hand and an eye.

Nag Opleiding Mines at night Con Ramsey, Mike de Saedeler, Chris Griffith.

Coin Ops @ Therons Drift We were not fed for a week except one day that we got a slice of bread.

Published: 30 May 2002.

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