Basics & Second Phase

(including Lohatla)

All the photos for Basics, are either De Brug or Lohatla.

The Crest of the School of Armour.













[jan26298]: A 105mm HESH round from an Olifant MK1A.

[apr19957]: Olifant MK1A - 84mm Barrel taken at De Brug 1987.

[abens106]: Changing a bogey - notice the ARAB jack used to lift the bogey.

[abens107]: Changing a wheel (Bogey).








[abens112]: Olifant MK1A taken at DeBrug 1987.

[abens113]: Olifant MK1A taken at DeBrug 1987.


[jan26293]: Author taken at Lohatla in 1987.

[apr19959]: F Squadron taken at Lohatla 1987.

[apr19969]: Tank on transporter.

[abens134]: Diesel Cloud.

[abens108]: Notice the aerials are pulled down as this Olifant approaches a ridge.


[abens109]: Notice the use of the wire tied to the radio antenaes to pull them down when doing `Kruin oorsteeking drills'.

[abens110]: Author at Lohatla. Notice the Zenon Search Light on this Olifant MK1A.

[abens111]: Olifant MK1A at Lohatla.










[abens124]: MRL at Lohatla.




Published: 20 June 2002.

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