Kuif's 61 Mechanised Infantry 1988-1989

Photo Set 1

[kuif001]: Author with the Ratel 90 in which he was with the "ou manne". Ogongo 1988.


[nsbook88]: National Service booklet I received with my call up papers. I wonder if it was coincidence that there was a Ratel 90 from 61 Mech on the cover.

[quest88]: Booklet containing tips on how to fill in your questionnaire regarding National Service.

[kuif028]: On our way North in 1988. I can't remember where exactly.

[kuif002]: Ogongo taken from the Water Tower. 1988.

[kuif010]: Ogongo taken from Water Tower. 1989.

[kuif031]: Okalongo 1988.

[kuif020]: On patrol near Ruacana 1988.

[kuif021]: On patrol near Ruacana 1988.

[kuif030]: On patrol. Ruacana 1988.

Published: 31 March 2003.

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