Kuif's 61 Mechanised Infantry 1988-1989: Documents and Souvenirs

[kfdoc01]: A twenty Kwansa Note - Angolan Currency.

[kfdoc02]: Reverse side of the same 20 Kwansa note.

[kfdoc03]: 1 SAI Troepie Booklet.

[kfdoc04]: 61 Appreciation letter (Edited).

[kfdoc05]: Klaaring Out Letter (Edited).

[comfrnt]: Commemorative Tankard - Front View.

[comback]: Commemorative Tankard - Back View.

61 Mechanised Infantry: Press Cuttings

Fighting Force 61 Mech Bn by Clyde Russell

Lessons have shown Training among the Best by Clyde Russell

Angola: The real stars - How our cannon bloodied the Russian bear's nose - By Jacques Pauw

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