Commandant `Jan'? Potgieter, the OC of the Medical Section of Sector 10.

Barry Fowler pretending to be a professional person while posing in Charl De Wet's office, which was about four times the size of mine.

NSM Doctors Conrad Smith and Dave Dix sitting on the junior officers' bomb shelter. I hope that we would have charged admission to any senior officers who might have hoped to have used it.

Barry Fowler (seated) and NSM Dentist Enrico Van Dijk, with whom I shared a room in the junior officers' mess. He was great, and I regret that he has not replied to my letters.

NSM Dentist Mark Allison, Enrico's opposite number. We were playing around as I wanted a photo so he poses wearing Charl De Wet's Infantry Bokkop beret. The amused looking patient (see teeth) was a genuine patient with not much option about posing, but he didn't seem to mind.

Enrico taking a break. Apart from his leg, that is!

Enrico with his dental assistant, NSM school leaver Craig Venter. They were just good friends!

Enrico with his dental assistant, NSM school-leaver Craig Venter. I think this was after a rather heavy drinking session, rather than an indication of the intensity of their relationship.

Enrico and NSM school leaver Andrew ???, one of the drivers. Such informal occasions, though evident in these photos, were all very clandestine as fraternisation between `officers' and `men' was very severely frowned on.

NSM Medics pretending to be doing medic type things.

One of our Ops. Medics.

Same bloke. It was he who was trying to teach himself magic tricks, and had to keep rushing back to the book when the rabbit didn't come out of the hat, or the card that he said I was holding wasn't, etc!

NSM Doctor Conrad Smith relaxing in his office in the sick bay.

NSM Medic Gary Vine

NSM Medic Bryan Abbott. When I last heard from him his was a teacher somewhere remote in the Cape Province, and had realised his ambition of becoming an officer in the Salvation Army.

NSM Medic Bruce Van Laun

Bruce (Above) in a Jacuzzi. It had a rather hollow ring to it when he proclaimed `War is hell!' One of the PFs who was on the border for an indeterminate period, and had brought up a Jacuzzi. I house sat for him, and Enrico and Mark others arrived for a clandesine visit. This is an ordinary NSM medic `on the border'!

Published: 7 February 2002.

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