"Nine Days of War"

Sector 10, April 7 1989

[dkpic009] Embargoed weapons were never used. Milan Anti-Tank Weapon, we always used them with vehicle patrols, SA was not supposed to have them due to the Embargo. This pic was in Sector 10, after the contact on April 7.

[dkpic010] Obviously not how to hold an RPG-7. Also sector 10, again after April 1 SWAPO incursion.

[dkpic011] Fun and games 10.

[dkpic012] 107 mm Rockets in Action Contact in Sector 10, April 7, First the various fire support elements had a go, then we went in on the ground.

[dkpic013] And then the mortar joined in.

[dkpic014] Bang goes the 90 mm. Ratel 90, giving us support fire, note the picnic atmosphere.

[dkpic015] Moving in.

[dkpic016] Is it a plane? The Impala in the pictures gave the ground a good strafing before any of us went in.

[dkpic020] Yep, a plane.

[dkpic018] Contact. Firing Flares to tell the fire support element to hold fire, as we had made ground contact.

[dkpic017] Come get us please – Puma. Cleaning up after the contact.

[dkpic019] Bomb craters from the air.

[dkpic021] A Lieutenant trying to look busy. Puma coming to fetch us after a contact.

[dkpic022] Fireforce with Alloette backup. Sector 10.

Published: 1 June 2002.

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