[dkpic039] Crossing the Kavango.

[dkpic040] View from Puma.

[dkpic042] I guess we'll go straight then.

[dkpic043] Border Fence - Madimbu.

[dkpic044] August 1988. Rundu. On Patrol, Section 1, Platoon 3. From left to right: Dunn, Redpath (using a G5 canister as a cup), Botha (Sprinkaan), Stokkies (Background), Me, Medic Britz and Grant (who used to weigh 120 kgs.)

[dkpic046] Sector 20 after withdrawal. Note weapons: 9 mm Stars, R1 and R4.

[dkpic047] "Well, if John Wayne could do it ...?"

[dkpic048] Same again. Kirkman (right) and Stokkies.

[dkpic049] Kavango River. Lovely place that!

[dkpic050] Me and finger, being rowed to the Angolan side in a dugout by a local PB fisherman, Kavango River.

[dkpic051] Bridge over the River Kwai. No, can't be!

[dkpic052] Sector 20.

[dkpic053] Nice view - ???

Published: 1 June 2002.

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