7 SAI - Ops Medic - (1985-86) Photo Set One


Final family snap 4th July 1985 prior to setting off for Sturrock Park


Sturrock Park mustering point left to right Simon Lewis, Michael Park, Me, Some Twat getting in the way and masking Geoff Hardman, Michael Prince. Note large red vinyl bags, one mine, one Simon's or Michael's, full of civvy crap!


Trev at 7SAI after 6 weeks of basics. Family was allowed to visit.


Trev and Felicia during family visit weekend. Note OK bag of provisions!


Me looking exhausted, 6 weeks down, 98 to go! Note 7SAI vehicle park in background.


Some of B Coy Platoon 4 on Sunday morning, weekend of family visits. Left to right, Tim Hyland, Geoff Hardman, Simon Lewis, Steve Rhodes


Sif inspeksie bed. We set this up in a hurry just to show very roughly how an inspection bed had to be laid out. No airs and graces just in case any corporal came in and found the smuggled in camera. Note yellow duster stuck into kas with toothpaste used in place of glue! Also overalls hanging up above head of bed.



Inside a Klipdrift (Sifdrif) tent. L - R Richard Wood, Terry Hedley (both SAMS), Mike Prince (7SAI)


L - R Vince Dean (sadly now departed), Terry Hedley, guy whose name I can't for the life of me remember! All 7SAI apart from Terry.


More tents. Mike Meyer and Mike Prince recline, probably near to lights-out time judging by Mike Meyers longjohns

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Published: 23 November 2002.

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