7 SAI - Ops Medic - (1985-86) Photo Set Two


Vince Dean and Terry Hedley having clearly had their regulation 2 beers each, plus maybe those of one of the many less liberal guys in the SADF! By now the camera was playing up, hence the merged shot of the bed. Note ubiquitous Gill bottle. I used a piece of that bottle, cut into a circle, as a backing for my cap badge at the end of my Ops Medic course.


Once installed in the sif bungalows, first task was to clean them. Ingo Meyer adds to the problem by doing a massive shit on the floor.


Mark 'Lampies' Lamprecht bones up on his pharmacology while Steve McGlade (at the back) tells Mike Prince about how he never pisses the bed, watched by Ingo Meyer.


Ingo gets ready for a night out at Daisy's Bar, Sunnyside, courtesy of a bit of AWOL


Mike Meyer singeing off troublesome armpit hair


Steve McGlade dries himself on Glyn McArthy's head prior to joining Ingo on AWOL parade


Mike Prince bundles with unknown assailant, Sifdrif (Klipdrift)


Steve McGlade pays the price the morning after the night before, his bed still damp from small-hours ablutions...



Half of Platoon 4, B Coy, 7SAI, sitting outside our bungalow at Phalaborwa


The home of Section 3, Platoon 4, Bravo Company while at Apex Military Base, Brakpan

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Published: 23 November 2002.

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