7 SAI - Ops Medic - (1985-86) Photo Set Three


The lines, Apex. Cpl du Plessis from platoon 5 shows me which finger he uses most when on pass


Some of the guys outside our pad.

(L to RJ Stu Robinson, Jay-Jay Strijdom, Billy Duncan, L/Cpl Aucamp, Trevor Lorimer, Rfn Enslin (sorry mate I never knew your first name!)


Driving with ease through ditches like these...


...makes L/Cpl Aucamp (standing above driver's cab) think anyone can do it. He was wrong...

L/Cpl Nel (standing at the back end) was a poes of the first order.


There were often football matches played in KwaThema, and sometimes we played in them. Note the much hated hostels in the background. Men would live in them communally, and violence was the norm.


Sgt van Loggenberg. A good bloke.


Aandag! Me posing for a pic originally sent to my Mom in the UK. All of the pics taken at Apex were in the lines so as to avoid any officers seeing our cameras which were officially a no-no.


Kids on the streets of Duduza, another township we patrolled a few times. This section of town was more affluent, hence the half decent road. I really wish I had taken more photos, with a proper camera, and with more technical knowledge


Lt Visagie (centre) wanders off with his lance-jack hangers-on to suss out some or other shitheap of a car for sale in Duduza as seen from the back of a Samil 20 truck


Me on the roof of our tent for some reason

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Published: 23 November 2002.

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