7 SAI - Ops Medic - (1985-86) Photo Set Four


Me on my bed writing a letter home


Stu Robinson on his bed listening to heavy metal. Note shit order of tent, plus flaps up, meaning it is night time with no chance of any kind of inspection, probably during our 12 hours off duty. Note also R4 rifle leaning against bed


Buffels and Samil 20s in the Apex vehicle park. Water on the ground indicates it must be vehicle cleaning time.


A kick about outside the copshop in KwaThema before patrol while waiting for the night crew to return, Kenny Petro on the ball


Patrolling Kwa Thema by day




Final inspection before daytime patrol, 06h00, L/Cpl Roger Neill in charge with Trevor Herbst, Billy Duncan, Steve Adams and Stu Robinson standing at ease


Taking a break on the edge of Kwa Thema. Mark Muller is the driver sitting on top of the Buffel, from where he once stood up once back at base only to be shot in the head by a negligent corporal in the back supposedly making safe his rifle. The bullet luckily only grazed him, but he went berserk and went for the corporal in a big way and had to be held back from ripping the cpl's head off!.


We regularly fed these three lads, standing in front is the kid called Mabutse. They came to us most days for their grub.


L/Cpl Aucamp and Rfn Robinson in a small animal smoking competition

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Published: 23 November 2002.

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