7 SAI - Ops Medic - (1985-86) Photo Set Five


kwathema nog al: Lt Visagie checks out yet another never-to-run-again vehicle in case there is a serviceable part on it. Moments before we had shot at a captive local after he had raised his elbow at us in the common sign of abuse used by the township residents. The 'rounds' were scrunched up paper balls stuck into the brass ammo cartridges in place of the rounds themselves.


apex nog al: Me having a piss in the Apex pis lelies. Every now and then they had to be dug up and moved as the piss won the battle with the hardcore and lime into which the base of the funnel was plunged.


Apex ken shoots: Rfn Kenny Petro takes careful aim at a small piece of L/Cpl Roger Neill's vest fluttering on the washing line


more apex: More of Platoon 4, L - R: Me, Stu Robinson, L/Cpl Aucamp (what WAS his first name?!), Billy Duncan, Jay-Jay Strijdom, standing outside our tent


apex billy: Billy Duncan looks in the 'situations vacant' column of The Sun newspaper


apex stu: Stuart Robinson stares in horror at the zap sign he has just pulled at L/Cpl Frost moments before Frost discovers the insubordination


apex mike meyer: Mike Meyer in the lines at Apex Military Base, Brakpan


kwathema buffel: Desperate for a piss, Steve Adams de-busses in a hurry


kwa thema bundu: Homesick for the swish of the kleilat stokkie, the Boereseuns of the platoon lead us down to the lake on the edge of Kwa Thema to teach us souties a lesson or two in the fine art

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Published: 8 December 2002.

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