Operation Vuiswys, Linger

& the Calueque incident

Ops Excite, Linger & Vuiswys, are at Ruacana, Ogongo, 61 Mechanised. (06/88 to 10/88)

The 61 Mechanised Infantry Crest.













[abens215]: Ogongo.

[abens221]: Olifant.

[abens222]: Olifant.

[jan26354]: Author.

[jan26326]: Author.

[jan26331]: Author.

[jan26337]: Crew.

[jan26343]: Crew.

[jan26344]: Crew.

[jan26345]: Crew.



[abens103]:ARV in disguise.

[abens104]: Crossing into Angola


[abens304]: Ruacana.

[abens306]: Crew.











































Calueque incident bomb damage & honour guard for the Dead

Published: 20 June 2002.

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