South African Ops Medic (1988-1989)


`The Nine Days of War'


OW02: This is Alpha tower which is right on the border, and this is just across the road from the bushes.


OW03: Ther's a picture of our camp from far out.


Ow04: My sickbay was a building standing here. I built a whole patio here of sandbags so that I could have barbequeues and braais here. We could watch the sun set over the wall. When the reporters and everyone came they all stood up here forming into the camp and outside of the camp because if you look this way you are looking outside of the camp. That's the `sandwal' itself. If you stand looking on the other side of the sandwal you're looking this way, and this was my sick bay over here.



OW06: There was a police camp just north of us. We used to go there regularly on weekends for a good old piss up. That was on the first five months when it was just holiday. H's the Captain. A very nice bloke.


OW07, OW08: A Picture of the tower - that's the view from the tower.


OW08: Ther's another picture looking down from that tower. Ther's a `noddy car' with the 90 mm facing north.


OW09: This is a picture form the outside of our camp. That's the sand wall, and ther's lots of bunkers around here. That was our radio tower. Our water tower. Ther's a post over there that we used to do infra-red at night to make sure that the area was cleared.


Published: 20 July 2003.

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