South African Ops Medic (1988-1989)


`The Nine Days of War'


OW10: Medical Bag: Photo: That's the one that I brought home with me, full of stuff. I got an extra one up there.

Ow13 - [Relates to the story you told of the woman who had to be out of the camp by sunset]

OW14: Here is the sick bay bed. In the sick bay, there are the steel kasse [boxes], and then on this side of this was our work place. ?blood on the door.

Ow16: Circumcision Clinic

OW17: That's me and my twin brother. I'm in the red shirt.

OW18: This is my doctor administering pure brandy through a syringe. We had good old pissups in that sickbay. We had a youngster there who could speak four languages, and I used him as my `tolk' [Translator] . He was only thirteen years old. His name was Walton. `Hey, Walton!'

OW19, OW20: This is the Lieutenant that I used to go on walks with. He was Intelligence.

OW21, OW22: Often we went out to go and dig up some mines that had been found. It was a regular thing to go and dig out a few mines. That as really nice. That is an anti-tank mine; anti-vehicle mine.

Published: 20 July 2003.

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