South African Ops Medic (1988-1989)


`The Nine Days of War'


OW34: Two hundred vehicles. This place was so full there was no place to move, and then outside of the camp there were even more trucks.

OW36: There's a nice picture of a Turbo Wolf with twin (guns?) on the top.

0W37: Here's a Koevoet team. You would have a white person who would be the man in the turret. That's the driver, and then you would have your three to six guys who would sit at the back, and they had all their weapons.

There's a few pictures of some of the Koevoet trucks. That's again right on the borderline.

OW39: Here they are coming back after the whole day of being out there.

OW40, OW41: The battle line with the casspirs and wolve - that's a nice picture that I got from the side there. That would be the military, the police and Koevoet working together.

OW42, 0W43: This is one of the vehicles that was hit by an RPG-7. This is the truck that was hit by the RPG-7 and one guy copped it on the inside.

Published: 20 July 2003.

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