The 102 BN (Koakaland) Video Tour (1986)

Ehomba Base (102 Bn)

From Ehomba's water tower was have a beautiful view of the mountains that lie to the South of Ehomba. In the distance we can see the dark trees next to the beautiful springs of Ehomba, where descendents of the `Thirst Land Trekkers' still live. They have inter-married with the Himbas and the Hereroes of this area, but they remain proud Afrikaans-speaking people, with the surname Van Der Merwe.

A view to the North gives us a beautiful view of the Zebra Mountain Range to the North,

and nearer we see the `krakkelbrekkers' (?) of Ehomba.

Tents, the coffee room in the foreground,

swimming pool

and tents where the troops of Ehomba live.

In the background we have mountains which are already on the Angolan side of the Cunene River.

Published: 20 June 2003.

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