The 102 BN (Koakaland) Video Tour (1986)

Ondorrorundu Training Base (102 Bn)

Here is Alpha Base or Ondorrorundu, our training unit. About fifteen kilometres from Opuwa there is a big black mountain with the name Ondorrorundu which means `the mountain with the black stones'. Next to the mountain is Alpha Base, or Ondorrorundu, our training company. Here training of recruits and retraining is done. Here is a retraining parade of the battalion. The Commandant has a dog, Snippie, which is just as much a part of the unit as every troop.

The parade here is held to give recognition top a group of pathfinders who completed the course successfully at SWA military school.

Ondorrorundu has a very pretty base laid out between the green Mopani bushes characteristic of this area

Here we find ourselves on the very busy runway from where we will depart on a sight-seeing tour to our two outer bases; Okongwati and Ehomba.

Published: 20 June 2003.

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