The 102 BN (Koakaland) Video Tour (1986)

Okongwati Base (102 BN)


Here at Okongwati we can see the beautiful Zebra Mountain Range which runs to the North of Okongwati. Welcome to Okongwati, the most north-westerly base in South West Africa, and the group of men who protect and defend the most north-westerly border of South-West. This place rests peacefully at the foot of the Zebra Mountains; so peacefully that one does not get the impression that there is a war being fought here.

Here we see the tents in which the troops at Okongwati live. There are the SWA-Genie (Engineers) men, who are clearing out shortly. On arriving here, one get the feeling of `Min Dae' (Short Time).

Then we see the HQ in which the signal unit is housed at Okongwati.

The very important water towers and the officers' house.

From Okongwati we go on a North-Easterly direction towards the Cunene River and Angola, where we will see the beautiful Epupa Waterfalls.

Published: 20 June 2003.

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