Newspaper Clippings about the Homage Ceremony

Publised in the BEELD 25.8.2005 - pity for the last paragraph, which does not reflect what happened on the day. We were much more than a hand full of old soldiers, bear in mind that homage took place during the week, still many made a point of being present, several flew in for the day from Durban and Port Elizabeth. Lets also not forget that the Portuguese Ambassador appointed a senior official of the Embassy to attend and lay a wreath on behalf of the Portuguese state in honour of our fallen comrades.

Published in the SÉCULO newspaper edition of 29.8.2005:

In the REKORD 8 September 2005:

In CORREIO DA MANHÃ (Portuguese daily, Lisbon) 24 August 2005:

In SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine Jan 2006.

Daniel Roxo

On the 23rd of August 2005, 60 friends, representatives of the Portuguese community and ex colleagues of 1 Reconnaissance Commando and 32 Battalion, gathered to pay their last respects to Daniel Roxo, Jose Ribiero and Ponchiano Soeiro.

Below is a page set up that I thought you might be interested in, as you published an article on Daniel Roxo "The white devil of Mozambique" in October of 1979.

I have over the last three years been researching Daniel's life and plan to write a book in the not-too-distant future. Daniel died on 23/8/1976 in a landmine explosion in Angola with Ponciano Soeiro, and Ribiero died two days later in a car accident ferrying wounded from an ambush to Rundu. The three men where then buried at Voortrekker Hoogte (Pretoria) without much ceremony, and having found the grave during my research myself and two colleagues (Manuel Ferreira and Paul Els) decided that it was unfitting for these valiant men to not have a headstone; Wheels where put in motion and with donations from former colleagues as well as the Special Forces League and the 32 Battalion Association, we were able to put this homage ceremony together. The unveiling of the tombstone was done by Major General Fritz Loots (ret'd) First Officer Commanding, South African Special Forces.

As I initially indicated I thought that I would forward you the information as a matter of courtesy.


Stephen Dunkley Clarens

Eastern Free State

South Africa


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Booklet for the Homage Ceremony

Photos of the Homage Ceremony of the 23rd August 2005

Tribute by Adelino Serras Pires on the 23rd August 2005

Tribute by Lt Col Sybie van der Spuy on the 23rd August 2005

Tribute by Barry Roper on the 23rd August 2005

S Sgt Roxo's HC Decoration and Medals are handed over to his Family on 17th November 2005

L Cpl Carlos Alberto Ribeiro ("Little Robbie")

Published: 16 August 2005.