Tribute by Barry Roper on behalf of the 32 BN Association

"I knew Daniel, Silva and Robbie for a very short period in my life. I met them when I was doing ration runs up to where they where stationed in Luenga. I have always had this memory at the back of my mind that I can never forget of Daniel and what happened on that day. To all those who helped contribute towards this tombstone today, thank you very much. From the 32 Battalion Association I would also like to say thank you to the Special Forces League for ***inviting/advising*** us ***to/on*** this meeting. I am not going to say too much today, because it is quite an emotional day for me. I was nearby where these guys where killed. So, thank you!"


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Booklet for the Homage Ceremony

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Photos of the Homage Ceremony of the 23rd August 2005

Tribute by Adelino Serras Pires on the 23rd August 2005

Tribute by Lt Col Sybie van der Spuy on the 23rd August 2005

S Sgt Roxo's HC Decoration and Medals are handed over to his Family on 17th November 2005

L Cpl Carlos Alberto Ribeiro ("Little Robbie")

Published: 5 December 2005.