Tribute by Adelino Serras Pires



History is what it is and not what we should like it to have been.

My name is Adelino SERRAS PIRES. I did not meet Daniel ROXO, although we lived in Mozambique at the same time, and I never met Silva SOEIRO.

As for Jose RIBEIRO, known as "Carnaval" in Mozambique, we first met in 1972 at my family's ex-farm in Guro, when the GEPs, a special paratrooper group, established a base there. "Carnaval" and I became very close friends. I was his bestman at his wedding in Beira and my sister, Lucinda, who is with us today, was the matron of honour.

For two years "Carnaval" and I were comrades in a special unit fighting the same battle. As we all know, these three men feature in Colonel Jan Breytenbach's books. I also wrote a book, published in New York in 2001 and translated into Portuguese the next year in Lisbon by Bertrand Editora, in which I state, amongst other things, that "Carnaval" was the most courageous warrior I have ever met. The title is THE WINDS OF HAVOC (VENTOS DE DESTRUIÇÃO). The co-author, Fiona, my wife, is here with us. She served as an officer with the armed forces from 1976 to 1982, being seconded to the Military Intelligence Division.

On behalf of all of us, I should like to express our profound gratitude to Manuel FERREIRA, Paul ELS, Steven Dunkley and to all those who contributed to this homage.

Finally, honour is being paid to these three valiant men who have been spared the ignominy of an unmarked grave. Now, ROXO, SOEIRO and RIBEIRO can rest in peace. They will never be forgotten.



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Published: 16 August 2005.